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True Freedom vs Faux Freedom

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

In the song “Freedom”, Liz Wright sings, “I say freedom, you must hang out amongst the stars/ It's kinda hard for you in a world like ours/We talk about you night and day/Thinking that we'll find a way/Freedom, freedom over here/I know it's not always clear”. Today it seems the word is tossed around so loosely. Everyone calls for it. Everyone demands it. But do we really know what freedom is? And do we have the courage to become Freedom?

Two Trees in the garden

We can think of freedom as two different trees growing in a garden. One we’ll name Faux Freedom and the other we’ll call True Freedom. Faux Freedom is freedom-like, it gives the perception of true freedom, but isn’t really freedom at all. Faux Freedom has no stability, corrupt laws, and no loyalty. Faux Freedom uses war, fear, and confusion to control those that choose it. At the core of Faux Freedom is slavery. And we can unequivocally say that Faux Freedom is slavery, the very antithesis of freedom.

With its great marketing & branding team, Faux Freedom has masqueraded itself as True Freedom to the extent that people believe they are one and the same.

We are writing this blog to explain the difference between freedom that liberates and freedom that enslaves, and to show how in order to be free YOU must BECOME freedom.

True Freedom is the natural freedom that our Creator endowed upon us. True Freedom is conditional, based on a set of rules that engendering peace. And that peace only comes when you are given an opportunity to be the best human possible. With this freedom you have the responsibility to uplift others and to clear their path to freedom. *A liberated community has freedom in its words and deeds, and out its center, it radiates a progressive life for all mankind.

Finding True North

We like to compare True Freedom to true north. Polaris or the north star has been used as a fixed point in the celestial heaven to mark true north for as long as humans existed. Once you have set your compass on true north you can navigate your way anywhere. Similarly, with True Freedom, if you are looking for peace, liberty, and a life of progression, set your inner compass on the your endowed gift of Freedom.

Stated previously, Faux Freedom disguises itself as True Freedom in order to gather more people into its trap. The Emancipation Proclamation may have looked like True Freedom, but it enslaved more people than the Atlantic slave trade itself. After the proclamation, millions of Africans were re-enslaved under political, educational, social, and religious policies. Horrifically, thousands upon thousands newly deputized enslavers were raised up to enforce the policies of what we now call systemic racism. These enslavers took on titles, such as, bank manager, judge, teacher, store clerk, officer, etc. Both the re-enslaved and the enslavers were given title “free” but indeed both are slaves according to the faux freedom’s system.

Weaponized Ignorance

Ignorance is the chosen weapon in Faux Freedom’s arsenal.

“But these oppressors know nothing; they are so ignorant! They wander about in darkness, while the whole world is shaken to the core.” Psalm 82:5

The more ignorant one is about True Freedom, the more enslaved they become. When enslaved, the choice is not yours, you are forced to do the will of your Massa (the Hebrew word for burden. Strong's H4853). Both the enslaver and the enslaved are ruled by their burdens(Massa). Massa entwines both of them into a perfect ecosystem: the slaves desire to be enslavers, and to exist, the enslavers need the slaves. *Slavery holds this ecosystem together forming the perfect union.

New Freedom: Call again and I'll answer

The creators here at Blue Nile Studios point to the horizon where we see a New Freedom rising. This New Freedom is the old freedom in which the Faux Freedom stole from humanity. This peace world of light shines bright and exposes the terrors of the burdens, making a safe habitation where one can Stay Live and be free. This habitation is outside the slavery ecosystem and is not subjected to it’s lawlessness. But in order to breakaway from Faux Freedom you must become True Freedom and escape the ecosystem.

Running away takes courage. For too long the standard of freedom has been faux.And our Massa has become so familiar. Sometimes we may lose our direction, and the call of freedom sounds faint in the distance. But if we listen closely, we will hear True Freedom calling.

Longingly (and regrettably maybe), Liz Wright croons with a vow to freedom, “Call AGAIN and I’ll answer.” So today choose to break the cycle and become the true and living freedom.

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